You feel great when you do yoga. That’s why you want to practice every day and the more you practice the more you start cutting off your schedule some “wordly activities” that drain your energy. Taking that choices, make you feel light hearted, consistent with a run of internal growth and more connected to your higher inner Self.

That was the beginning of your journey. After a while, the initial enthusiasm may wear off and you may hit your first setback. You may feel you cannot go forward and deeper in your practice. You may start criticising yourself, allowing some doubts about the practice to ground inside your mind. Maybe you can tell to yourself stories as you set higher and hard goals or that the beggining resolution and commitment to the practice of Yoga and Meditation wasn’t so important after all.

In that way you are giving space to your old habits to come back and often that old patterns are not a good ones.

At that point you have to go through the doorway of any big transformation that is Compassion, and in this case compassion to yourself. Being gentle to yourself, looking at your setbacks with loving-kindness acceptance (Maitri), are the root cause to change your life for the better. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but you can get rid off all the negative patterns, one little step at a time by having compassion to yourself.

So, if you want to change a negative behavior/pattern and commit to some positive ones, if you want to stick with your healthy and good resolution to have a better life, you need to approch your life with all his high and low, all his falling down and getting up, by cultivating self-compassion and dive into its power. And do it when you meditate, when you practice and when you live your life as a Yogi.

Sasy Cacace