… and if it was utopian to recognise the women’s vote and equality between men, if it was utopian to recognise equal rights to Africa American people, then even the equality of rights between men and animals will cease to be utopia

It makes me think a lot about the definition given by some bureaucrat / business man of “livestock”.

Considering a life as something that can produce income is aberrant, it requires a self-referential closure that belong to the ones who want violence in their lives and confuse economic revenue with happiness, to the ones who justify the injustice manifested on who have “no voice” with their alleged intellectual superiority.

In reality life, such as an even more mysterious mystery of death, it is a gift, and it is this the real income we have.

This gift is not only of men, but of all beings who lare guests on this earth, jus as the mankind is.

Considering life as a gift allows violence to not manifest and when you have this clear, the only thought that can arise towards all sentient beings animals included, is the definition of “being with my own gift”: life!”

I support veganism and animals rescue, as Joanna, my beloved in the photo, does.

Sasy Cacace