I do not watch TV, I decided to sell it many years ago. I was a Police Detective at that time, disgusted from what I was listening when I was on duty and tape recording criminals. It happened tonight, while I was working on my laptop, to jump into a presentation by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love inside the Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday show. The author described herself as “jackhammer way of life supporter”: finding a passion, focusing on it, funnelling every molecule to be focused on that passions and even jumping off the cliff for it. That’s what she said.

But not everyone has one single passion and one day, after reading a criticism on her FB page that shocked her, she realised that keep telling people to act as a jackhammer was causing pain.

The fact is that some people approach life with a jackhammer-focus and some other people are more like hummingbirds, flying and pollinating a flower after a flower, living life by trying many things and being incredibly curious.

So many times I felt guilty not to have a single hobby, a single vision, a single label to put on me. Today I know that is necessary to have curiosity about life and if you feel you are an hummingbird then keep flying from flower to flower but  be focused on each flower at a time. That is my point: pollinating every and each flower with full awareness and potentiality, feel contentment and get the most out of your “flower”, just like the hummingbird does.

In that way you can gain wisdom and knowledge that come from every single experiences. And if you can share those wisdom and knowledge, if you can take the grace that come with each experience you do and you can give all that with open heart to others, you get the point: taking care of the people around you.

The goal of our life is to grow and to give as the great Tony Robbins said. So keep growing, being curious and giving. All together we can make different.