I spent so long time wearing pain like a badge of honour. 

But, I recognised it and now I’m sharing with you a piece of my heart, what my experience taught to me and why you need to toss that badge far away from your life.

Most people cling to their pain and that pain is presented to others as if it is a badge of honour. But really that badge is not a mark of honour but it is more like a pin on your soul that is bugging you down, preventing you to walk your life with grace and gratitude. 

Toss that pin away as soon as you can because If you are holding on things that hurted you, if you are holding on people who hurted you or cheated on you, even people or animals you loved and who passed away, you are holding on things of the past that are holding you back.

And, by travelling a lot, I found this behaviour be more popular in Catholic countries or Catholic environment, and it is a misconception of Catholic heritage, and misinterpretation of Jesus Christ teachings: following in the footsteps of the Jesus Christ and chosen to suffer as a mark of honour, a mark of God’s approval. But that is not the message of Jesus Christ: his message is a message of love and if you decide to suffer you are not loving yourself.

I know what I am saying can lead to lots of disagreement but my feeling is that suffering cannot be a badge of honour, as Buddha said pain is inevitable but suffering is not. And just because something happened to you, it doesn’t mean you should hold on it. The trick is to recognise that whatever happened to you, that happening is not you, it just something that happened to you. And if you continue to hold on to your past you are allowing your past become your present with no chance to have a future, because there is still something that is holding you back. 

That suffering cannot be a badge of honour but for me is a pin on your soul that is hurting you, preventing you to live your life with dignity, gladness, and  joy…. those are our inner quality to cultivate and emphasise.