This is the day, the day to celebrate and I found it very significant that the words after “thanks” is “giving”. We always forget about giving because we are too much involved in getting, getting food for taste, getting more money, getting more stuff and we forget about what simply BE means. But if you want to reach wisdom instead of adding on in your life you need to cut something off from your everyday-life: useless thought, negativity, bad habit, people who are bugging you down, old-fashioned behaviour tied up o some past and outdated way of thinking and consumer lifestyle. As Lao Tzu said “To attain wisdom, remove things every day”. 

In this thanksgiving day I wish gratitude can fulfil your heart, because gratitude gives you a sense of abundance and contentment for everything you have that for sure is more than enough, allowing all the negativities to fade away. May you have gratitude for all things you take for granted, your clothes, your more than abundance food you have on your table everyday, the people in your life who supported and loved you, the people who challenged you the most because they grow you the most, your teachers or mentors who inspired you and shared with you their wisdom and their knowledge, your pets showing you what unconditional love is becoming in that way your master in such a way, even if you human consider them less then you and you eat them in this day of celebration allowing this day, that should be a day of thanks for the blessing you have, a day of murder and suffering. Give them the life they deserve in this thanksgiving day. Use gratitude to overcome the taste and outdated tradition. Use gratitude as your everyday attitude, by saying THANK YOU to your life, to your inborn potential to see everything as a whole and all sentient beings having the right to live and be happy. Thank you.