“Neurons that Fire Together Wire Together” is a neuropsychologist Donald Hebb’s quote used in 1949 to describe how pathways in the brain are formed and strengthen through repetition over time. 

Our brain cells communicate with a process called “neuronal firing”, that is a synaptic transmission between one brain cell that release a neurotransmitter and another brain cell that absorbs it. That connection strengthens when brain cells communicate repeatedly on the same pathway over time. This is the reason why repetition works: a repetition become an habit, a repetitive positive thought become a positive habit, a repetitive joyful attitude become joy. What happen in the repetitive introspection is that the pathways in your brain acknowledging who you are and what you have to be grateful for, strenghtens.

Start your positive neuronal firing and you can have your neurones positively wired. That’s why happiness is the way to be happy, that’s why you should read my book “The Key Happiness”.