I saw the tumbleweed for the first time during my trip from the east coast to the west cost. It was fascinating to me seeing them rolling around by my side and my mind jumped back to my childhood and the Cocco Bill cartoon. That thought was sweet and fun. Today I see the tumbleweed as a metaphor of what my life is: no matter what, I have to move, pushing by the wind that says to me “you cannot stop Sasy”. And you cannot judge the tumbleweed for its way to run and run and run again, it’s just the way it is. Sometimes it wants to stop but it can’t because the wind keep flowing and pushing it… sometimes I want to stop too but I cannot because just as the tumbleweed does I keep feeling the wind pushing me. Maybe one day the wind will stop flowing behind me and I will stop moving accordingly… so far I am a tumbleweed… yes, I am a real tumbleweed.

And running and moving allow me to experience life, to meet different people and share with them and learn from them. And it is that kind of feeling that become the pushing wind to me and there is nothing that can quench my thirst of knowing, and experiencing, and moving so far. Yes, I love to be a tumbleweed.