During my Karma Yoga at Sivananda Ashram Bahamas I have been given a name Shiva. I knew since the very beginning of my Mantra Initiation that my name would become that, I felt it and I had no doubt about it. It was my deep belief. So, when the Swami called my name I got what I was expected to get. It was nice and smooth to me.

Shiva means literally, “that which is not” and I like it because putting label is something I dislike. More, Shiva is not described as light, but as darkness because any source of light will eventually lose its ability to give us light. Light is not eternal while darkness is all pervading.

So I found my self in “that which is not” and into “darkness”. But I’m trying to go beyond all that and just feeling the “voice of my beloved” as described by Sufis in a sweet way. And that voice can come from Shiva, Buddha, Soul, Self or whatever you like and believe in, but no matter what the name is, its nature is the same: love, joy, wisdom and compassion.