Desire is something we learn to deal with since the very beginning of our life: we desire food, we desire love, we desire money, we desire a position in our society, we desire comfort, we desire peace and ease. In the yogic ancient scripture, the Vedas, desire is classified in four types: artha, kama, dharma, and moksha. Artha refers to the desire for material comfort, the shelter we all require and monetary security to pursue our other needs and desires. Kama refers to pleasure, the sensory and sensual gratification, our comfort. Dharma refers to our life purpose, the reason why we are here now. Moksha, refers to the spiritual liberation.

It seams desire is something that belong to human kind since beginningless time, and still today we have the same desire as always. But why we have those desires? why we are looking for them since we were toddlers? Why? this are my questions.

I find answers to those questions in our human beings and for no specific right path exist to satisfy that thirst we have the same matter that can bind us can free us, the same desire that can shackle us can make as liberated. I realise that there is nothing wrong to desire in the spiritual path, there is nothing wrong to search for comfort, pleasure as far as we don’t identify ourself with what we want to reach. So let’s desire a better world, a better place to live, a better job,….be hungry in your path but know that everything is just as false as it is true, everything is just a movie projected by your mind: be a real spectator while you are enjoying it and having your popcorn.