Coronavirus. That is the word in this day. I was listening to a podcast by Rob Dial. His words have been an inspiration to me and I want to talk about it, because the culture of positiveness is something I have been training with for a long time. And nowadays neuroscience show us the power of the positive thoughts and the positive consequence that mind-set has, because it allows our body to release happy hormones and our body becomes addicted to them if we develop that positive attitude. Happiness is “the key to happiness” as I wrote in my book. Please read my book and enjoy what is following.

I don’t even want to use “that word”, I don’t even want to talk about “that thing”. I want to talk about the fear more then anything else and how to build up a mind-set around something that is fearful and is scaring you so much. I want to talk about what we need to choose and plant in our consciousness so you can positively brainwash yourself and your activities.

We cannot cancel this 2020 but because only in difficulties you can grow up, then let’s get our mind stronger in this moment because only the strongest people can mentally survive in this moment, and not only that they can actually thrive through it, level up who they really are. 

Look at this challenge we are leaving as a challenge that will not push you down but makes you stronger, makes your mindset stronger. Use the courage, because courage will do something despite your fear. Like a muscle that gets stronger, the more your work your courage muscle, the stronger it gets. With practice and consistent effort, you will become more courageous and live a more successful life in the areas that matter to you. So strengthen your courage muscle and weaken your fear muscle, so that you can reach your upper level, the growth level.

Fear weaken your immune system, create stress, anxiety, and even if you are getting the right amount of food you will end up not absorb the right amount of nutrients and even though you don’t want to catch that “thing” you become more susceptible of it and eventually you can get it. In a way you are  attracting the things you don’t want in your life, because you are so focused on it and the fear of having it make you susceptible to get it. 

So allow this moment to be the hard training for your mind to get stronger, because only in a difficult moment you can grow up. Don’t be scared and do not run from the drama because this moment will make you stronger.

Suggestion? Affirmations, utter affirmations and silently plant affirmations in your mind. Look at yourself and plant affirmations such as “I am happy”, “I am wealthy”, “I am strong”.  Do not even say I won’t get sick, because with  that expression you are still thinking about the things you don’t want in your life and you don’t have even to think about the things you don’t want.

It is like the placebo effect that does better than the drugs created by pharmaceutical company to cure people. The placebo effect is made by nothing more than pills made out of sugar that heal the people because of the belief they have that pill is going to heal them. The 33% of all medical healings come from humans believing that they are being healed, so why don’t we use this power to our advantage when things like coronavirus comes up?

So say I am healthy, I am happy, I am a force to be reckon with and use that placebo effect to make sure that you are staying healthy.

There is also a nocebo effect that is the thought of being sick that actually makes you more sick, the thought you can get the coronavirus can actually make you sick or more susceptible to coronavirus. You do not want any nocebo effect, not at all.

Be smart about this situation, stay away from mobs and don’t do stupid things, but look in the mirror in the morning and say to yourself I’m healthy, your brain is going to tapping onto that infinite intelligence that is inside you, the same the makes your heart beat, the same the makes you breath and digest and you don’t even allow the virus coming into you.

If you really want to isolate yourself then isolate yourself from social media and news, you don’t need to be more informed than you are. Instead make your mind stronger so it can make your body stronger and tell yourself you are strong and healthy and tap into that infinitive intelligence so you are going to make yourself so strong that no virus is going to get into your body

And this has nothing to do with coronavirus but it has everything to do with the way you use your mind. So instead of running and buying paper toilet, stock water and food, strengthen your mind and so your body. You won’t be get sick.

It is important to create space inside your mind and not only in your body. The Buddha use to talk about the importance of space: if you take a tea spoon of salt reflecting negativity, and pour that into a small cup of water, it will pollute. But if you take the same tea table spoon of salt and you pour it into a big lake, the spaciousness of the lake defuses the negativity of the salt and the water remains pure and unfazed by that negativity.

So as yogi we get spacious in our body by practicing Asana but we also need to get spacious within our mind so we no longer sweat small stuff which means we are no longer so stressed out and we are not having panic attack or anxiety attacks because we got spacious. 

This is the time to bring yourself back to a state of balance, shifting from doing into being, shifting from striving into allowing. And you might notice the moment that you let go, the moment that you are no longer striving and grasping and holding on and you allow yourself to let go, then it is impossible to be stressed or be anxious. The stress only get produced because you are fighting in the moment where you are at. I call it ”rope burning” that happen when you hold a rope and something stronger than you is pulling. If you hold the rope you burn your hands, so better to let go if you don’t want to hurt yourself. So let go, yield what you cannot control.

Be reactive and make your day positive by observing the SAVERS Morning routine described by Hal Elrod in his book called  “the miracle morning”. He describe a routine made by six attitudes and action:

  • Silence: meditation, prayer, breathing exercise or whatever it is your idea to quiet your mind and block al the chit-chatter;
  • Affirmations: encouraging words you tell yourself to achieve your goals and overcome fear, to be healthy and happy and live your life out of your purpose, out of your goals;
  • Visualization: imagine yourself doing each thing step by step that you need to do to accomplish your goal and the imagine what it will feel like when you succeed;
  • Exercise: do some exercise to get the blood and oxygen flowing to the brain. Nothing xo complicated od difficult, just move your body. Some rounds of Suryanamaskar can be enough if you have “time” as an excuse.
  • Reading: fill your brain with positive thoughts and ideas to improve yourself. Learn the knowledge of the people who have accomplished the things you want to do;
  • Scribing: writing of journaling is a great way to process your thoughts and reflect on your life. It will help you be more self-aware and more articulate. 

That routine can lead you into the right frame of mind, for a great day, for a great life.

Much love and light to you.