Metamorphosis. This is the word for yourself, this is the word this crisis is providing to you. Isolation, uncertainty of the future, cut off from you loved ones, the loss of job, the loss of someone you love, the loss of whatever it is you considered normal, to work, to hug, to move, to flight, to meet, to run, to live freely and not to leave secluded.

And no one knows when all this is going to end and you are not getting any answers about the cure, about the real risks for our economy. All that make you more incline to some more stress and anxiety.

“You don’t know”, you don’t know anything, you don’t know the what, the when, the why. This is called the unknown and walk on its terrain is not comfortable at all. 

The question is: did you know what was going to happen the very next moment before the virus showed up? 

The answer is NO, no at all. 

So instead of keep thinking you could control anything before the coming of the virus which is unrealistic, instead of thinking about some threats to avoid that maybe can barely happen, instead of imagining a kind of off-the-grid scenario, start thinking that you can have a variety of good opportunities too. It is time to reflect and not to have fear, it is time to go within and not to go out, it is time to realise how equal we are: no differences between reach and poor, powerful people and average people, we all are the same. And a virus shouldn’t t come for you to understand this. How stupid we are, to follow the god of money, the god of power, the god of big cement constructions, the god that is better than the other god. We choose god and not God, because we are following the little self and not the higher Self. And God or Mother nature, or whatever you want to call it, is pushing you to reconnect to the higher Self, to the source. The virus is an equalizer that is showing us who you really are, how we all are made of.

Do not get stuck into a fear by constantly watching the news, you do not need to be more informed than you are, isolate your self from the world of media in order not to start to listening to some conspiracy theories about Covid-19, read a book instead or listen to some inspirational lecture.

Take this opportunity to turn within, connect to your breath, meditate, keep a journal, learn to play guitar, cook some vegan cake, learn how easy it is to eat healthy plant based food, workout with your family member, video call a friend of yours and do some yoga together.

Give yourself the opportunity to feel, and name it to tame it, so  you can start moving some energy you have been soaked in for decades:  past traumas, regrets and resentments, worries and anxieties of the future. Just be here and now, start your metamorphosis: connect with yourselves so that you can be better connected to the other, and I mean the whole Mother Earth with its nature and all its sentient beings, reconnect to your innate love and wisdom, take care of you so you can learn how to take care of the other. 

Allow the old caterpillar to die so the new butterfly can fly.