Samsara! Everyone knows this word and we all know that suffer is part of it. But I find there is much more pain and suffering to move from a place where you are stagnant to a place where you can flow.

That process requires tremendous courage, tremendous effort, and also dountless actions to change our perception, the way we see life-happenings, the way we perceive relationships. Pema Chodron describes that process as difficult as changing your DNA, because you are trying to change a human pattern, a pattern based on dissatisfaction but supported by everything around yourself: school education, family expectations, all those imprinting we received when we were little without we asking for that, creating wounds in our souls, vibrating on such a different frequencies from the ones of our heart. That is painful, that is sad, that is not our birthright to be, that is not our birthright to choose.

Step back from all paradoxes and duality we live in our life, there is no loneliness, boredom, anxiety, fear. There is a place where the river of bliss never stops flowing, where divine music is always playing there without any instruments, it is a place where time does not exist nor hate nor greed nor doubts nor sorrow, the heart’s thirst becomes quenched and the mystery of life clears. For the poet Kabir such a place exist is the cave of the heart. Close your eyes and feel yourself free.