I have been learning all my life…but am I l really transforming my self?

Learning some good skills, learning new topics is a way to activate dormant part of your brain, wiring brain cells and create new neuron-pathways, no matter what is the new topic you are learning. But transformation is a game changer, it is the cutting-edge technology in your life.

Transformation is when you know how life works, how your mind and body work and what they need, transformation is when you know how relationships work and how you can create healthy ones around you that can help your growth and so others’ growth.

Transformation is the goal in your life because with transformation you check in within you and you tap on those seeds inside you that are waiting to blossom, you tap into your spirituality to become a better man, a better woman, a better parent, a better citizen, a better human being. Transformation is not learning, really we need to unlearn, we need to let go all that was putting into our mind as right, as “should”, so deeply planted into our subconsciousness when we were kids that we became blind about the limitless possibilities we have, about the limitless potentiality of our try nature.

I cannot think about Buddha getting a degree before teaching the 4 Noble Truths and the path of mindfulness, I cannot think about Jesus getting a degree in love and compassion…they were born in a human body to transform themselves in special beings, to serve better, to better the souls and the minds and the hearts of countless number of people, and that is still happening nowadays.

Transformation is needed to let go that fear planted inside us without asking us any permission, transformation is needed to let go and become unstuck and free from old patterns, to unleash our full potential.   

Let’s embrace the path of transformation, all together… for a better living.