Some of us are in a pure state of evolution. I feel the transformation going on. But the entire world must move towards a state of evolution. And the evolution I am talking about is not a physical evolution, we do not need to become physically different, we need to transform our perception.
I am talking about a consciousness evolution, the evolution of consciousness that doesn’t see people, nature and animals as separated individuals and entity. We need to stop running that program “they”put in our subconsciousness when we were kids that made us to believe we need to fight and survive, we need to protect us from the others, that there is a “me” and “you”, that we need to compete.
We need to abandon that old Newtonian belief we are atoms. We are more than that physical entities, we are made out of energy as the atoms are made out of energy, they are not made out of any physical entities.
We are a pure energy field and because of that, the edge of our energy doesn’t stop right at the top of our skin, because wherever we go, we broadcast our energy. So our own energy field, made by our thoughts, the way we act, the way we do, the way we move, the way we are, broadcast through everything else. Nothing is really separated, everything is a bordless energy field.
To be in harmony, our energy must resonate with the energy around ourself, everything is interconnected. So when you feel bad, low energy, or when you feel good, high energy, you should ask to yourself: am I with people that are supporting me? Am I with people that resonate with me? Because you feel good around them, because your energy resonates with theirs. It is called constructive interference in physic and the result is an energy wave that is bigger than either of the two original.
We need to unlearn what “they put in our subconscious mind when we were child” and start coming back to the origin: abandoning the rational mind and feeling, feeling ourself and people around us.
And as the poet Kabir would say, that happen in the cave of our heart, that happen when we are connected to our heart. It is not easy, but that must be the great transformation, flipping the 5% of subconsciousness mind activity over the 95% of conscious mind activity.
That happen when we stop thinking, that happen when we love.