Allow yoursel to perceive those qualities that are naturally yours, they only need to be awakened: purity, compassion, love, joy.

Help yourself and ask your Kundalini, your Maha Shakti, to help you feel the poetry of life, the beauty of nature and the harmony of the universe.

Expand your inner space and ask yourself and your Kundalini to help you reach that inner space that has no boundaries, no beginning and no end.

Help yourself and ask your Kundalini to help you be above all, witnessing the universe, in complete connection with the cosmos’ soul.

Make the soul and heart of the universe be the object of your meditation, something immense that has no difference with your soul and your heart.

Allow yourself to gently forgive from the heart, allow yourself to make mistakes with your heart, allow yourself to accept with your heart and understand with your heart, so you can reach a state of inner bliss.

Sasy Cacace