Is somebody or something out there controlling the way you are perceiving the happenings and your way of thinking? If that is the case you are a victim to whoever or whatever it is controlling this sensitive moment, because you feel good when the controller is good and you feel bad when it is bad.
If you are reliant on someone or something that is outside yourself to be happy, you are leaving in a stress level that cannot allow you to manifest your inner creative energy as the only thing you perceive is the necessity to survive and strive. When you feel you are at risk, your mind asctivates the stress response hormones that are made up for fighting, flying or freezing you. That is not a creative mode, that is not a moment to reshape your mind by refiring and rewiring your neurons and create new patterns, positive patterns to rewrite the scripts of your life as the author of it and not as a typist controlled by someone else or something else.
Do you really want to leave in lack? Do you really want to live your life by waiting and dreaming for something special to happen without being the author of your destiny?
If so, you are running on a battlefield that can leads you towards a sense of lacking without producing any positive effects on your mind, so your personality, so your reality.
Start seeing synchronicity in between your mindset and the sign you are receiving from the Universe and your life will have nothing but your own signature.
Be the light unto yourself