I am completely against any kind of animal abuse, no matter if animals are involved in ancestral traditions that should change or medical care or vaccines or taste or fashion. Animals have the capacity to suffer and this is the vital concept to consider. It is not the ability to talk or to think as we do to consider nor the capacity to speak different languages or doing complex math calculation but the capacity to suffer. That gives to a sentient being, no matter the species he belong too, the right of equal consideration. Animals have the ability to suffer in the same way that humans do: they feel pain and pleasure, they have fear and feel loneliness. Every time you are about to do something that in such a way intefere with their needs, you are morally obligated to take it into account, to take responsibility of your no-animal-friendly choice as it leads suffering and pain. This should be the first reason to avoid any animal product. If you add to this all the environment disasters linked to animals exploitation and all the health risks related to the use of animal products, you have no choice but choosing a plant-based life style.

Do not take it personally, this is a fact not to argue about as we ALL are inherently worthy.