It is humble excitement I happily announce the launch of the “F.R.Y.™ First Responders’ Yoga. The Book”.
Are you a First Responder or Know One?
Find out how to decrease stress, find balance and prevent job-related injuries for Police, Firefighters, Paramedics and Dispatch and your management!
Discover functional movement, breathwork, meditation and other life altering tools adapted specifically for First Responders with “F.R.Y.™ First Responders’ Yoga. The Book”, a new first-of-its-kind in Canada, self-help method. Giving Back to Those Who Serve.
Click the link below and BUY “F.R.Y.™ First Responders’ Yoga.The Book”:
The F.R.Y.™ The Method for First Responders’ health, includes tools available via:
· F.R.Y.™ website,
· employer-sponsored intensive workshops,
· weekly live and recorded F.R.Y.™ The Method classes,
· the “F.R.Y.™ First Responders Yoga. The Book” (available on Amazon both digital and paperback version) and
· the upcoming F.R.Y.™ The App,
that results in readily accessible tools for injury prevention, mind-body balance, mental health and stress-reduction for First Responders.
Giving Back to Those Who Serve!