It seems today find a free yoga class is as easy as blinking your eyes. You never hesitate to accept something for free as it is very easy to say yes when you do not have to pay.
Offering something for free allows the teacher to reach a wider audience and if he is trying to establish his niche, offering some free classes is a really good try. Offering free classes or better donation-based class with a purpose or to celebrate a special event, is also something remarkable.
But there is a big drawback of the “free yoga” and that is true not only for yoga.
First, your teacher are not getting paid for what you offer. Is that the value you give to yourself?
Second, again from the teacher side, offering free class lowers even more the value of what you do, your studies, your knowledge, your teaching. People who get something for free cannot see the value of what you do and about who you are. Do you want people release good hormones in your class? Then that “I-accomplish hormone” called dopamine that is released when you face up challenges in your life and you do not run away from it but you stay with it,need to have a challenging stimulus that cannot be only physical. More, your sense of accomplishment as a teacher won’t be there too.
Third, from student side, if you get something without paying you do not have any stake in the final result: you will end up to follow instructions that you will store in an easy-to-forget drawer of your mind. You won’t follow the teaching carefully, you won’t learn anything that can be an experience from which you can get more insight and wisdom to use in your life.
Free yoga classes are like broken chain but you will always have the cuff around your wrist.