Getting a profound understanding of breathing to take care of all the body-systems, your mind and move the awareness to the Soul level.

In this on-line course eligible for 6 hours Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance you will learn how to use your breath to increase body’s energy, health and awareness.

An intensive self-experience Breathwork/Pranayama course to:

  • Understand your breathing
  • Take care of your body/mind system
  • Deepen your awareness to move beyond the awareness sheath (awareness layer) to the bliss sheath (bliss layer)
  • Become aware of the deeper layers of the self

About the Techniques you will learn in this Pranayama course:

  • The Locks (Bandhas)
  • The Retentions of Breath (Kumbhakas)
  • Belly Breathing
  • Yogic Breathing
  • Alternate Nostrils Breathing (Anuloma Viloma)
  • Shining Skull Breathing (Kapalabhati)
  • Fire Breathing (Bastrika)
  • Humming Bee Breathing (Brhamari)
  • Equal Ratio Breathing (Samavritti)
  • Not Equal Ratio Breathing (Asamavritti)
  • Stepped Breathing (Viloma)
  • Mantra Breathing
  • Rolling Tongue Breathing (Sitali)
  • Smiling Breathing Breathing (Sithkari)
  • Ocean Sound Breathing (Ujjay)

You will also learn modifications to enhance and control these techniques to suit your own practice.

Who this course is for: Everyone. Everyone who wants to learn more about the power of breathing. Everyone who wants to deepen their yoga practice. Every yoga instructor who wants to learn more about Pranayama.

Breathwork/Pranayama is one of the 5 key elements in F.R.Y. The Method session.


  • Saturday September 18, 2021: from 8am to 11am
  • Sunday September 19, 2021: from 8am to 11am

Certification: After completing this online Pranayama course, you will receive a certificate to upload in your Yoga Alliance dashboard.

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