This COVID 19 journey is becoming a little frustrating. No gathering even for intellectual reasons and not only for a coffee; restriction within the workspace and business limitation that are leading to money limitation. Putting your mask on? Always a forgetfulness I need to put attention on in order to follow the rules. Everything is starting becoming complicated to accept.

I try to rejoice in me being alive. I try to rejoice in my breathing and my healthiness. In the Bible it is said “Rejoice in the Lord always”. I simplify and I say “rejoice always” as everything is an opportunity to develop your attitude to be happy. Yes, it is an attitude, it is an ability and as all the abilities it is not accomplished automatically. I decide to be happy no matter what the other say.

Life can be burdensome sometimes and rejoicing doesn’t seem to be a natural response to what we are facing, to what we encounter during this journey called life. But I learned that out of some sad and difficult moments that happened to me, I gained something new: I developed a new quality, a better insight, deeper wisdom. So, no reason to be bitter about what you regret in your life: everything that is knocking at your inner door has a teaching available for you. Treat your being human as a guest house where every day you welcome honorably a new arrival: joy, depression, awareness, a sweep, a smile. Each of them has been sent as a guide from beyond.