One of the most effective tools we have for working with our habitual tendencies is practicing the pause, creating space between the stimuli and the reaction. In that space there is our power to reduce our emotional response. In that space lie our freedom.

I find it difficult sometime especially when I have to manage situations that root in my childhood. But I am completely aware of that.

Stay in your comfort zone, using a limited set of behaviors to deliver a level of performance that is not risky and requires no mental or emotional stress has its own pleasure. I know it and sometimes I miss what I left behind me. But I always ask to myself if I am keep poking my head out of the cocoons of my habitual patterns long enough to feel the awakened mind and energy that exist around me. Yes, because that awakening state exists in the nature, in the animals in every form of manifested energy. Feeling the wholeness around you is what can help.

If you drop your conceptual mind just a few breaths, if you pause just long enough, you can reconnect with that deep wisdom that is inside ourself.

The problem is that we think we are an unchanging entity. But we are not. We are ever-changing and growing beings, just like the caterpillar changing to a butterfly, we also grow and change over the course of our lifetimes.

We may imagine ourselves as a steady and permanent being, but this is not true, we change just as frequently as the seasons come and go.

Create a gap is the deal. No matter what you are doing take some conscious deep breaths and pause. Let it be and put your full attention on the immediacy of your experience. This allows you to understand your true nature.

Stay in the pause. It doesn’t matter whether you are practicing meditation or working. The pause allows you to poke your nose out of the cocoon of your habitual patterns and instead of being focused on the details you can see the whole picture of your life and feel the connection with all that is surrounding you.

And today I am pausing a lot.