Is Yoga a self-esteem boost or an ego-quieting practice?

Is Yoga a self-esteem boost or an ego-quieting practice?

Is Yoga a self-esteem boost or an ego-quieting practice?

Keep reading to find out the scientific answer.
Quieting the ego” is considered a root cause to lessen suffering and pain. I do not think there is too much to discuss about it. Each of us had some experiences about dealing with an over-self-centered counterpart. Everyone deals with situations based on “I” talking, “mine” talking, and so on. You cannot get out of that. “Mine” will be always more important than “yours” because “I” will be always more important than “you”.
Here is why Yoga and Meditation are important. They help you to feel the undivided unity between you and the other. In fact, separation is an illusion. The great poet Rumi said, “Why struggle to open a door between us when the whole wall is an illusion?

Research – The “Self-Centrality Breeds Self-Enhancement” Principle.

There is a study about self-esteem’s relation to the Big Two personality dimensions:
– “agency” – e.g., ambitious, competitive, outgoing, getting ahead, and
– “communion” – e.g., caring, honest, understanding, getting along.
The researchers stated that “self-centrality breeds self-enhancement” principle. Agency will link to self-esteem, if agency is self-central. Communion will link to self-esteem, if communion is self-central. You can read the full study at University of Southampton (UK) at this LINK.
William James was a 1907 psychologist. He also stated that possessing important agentic or communal self-attributes, produces much self-esteem. In other words, when you believe in what you do, the result you get is an increase in self-esteem. No matter if what it is important for you is an agentic or communal self-attribute

Research – Mind-Body Practices and the Self: Yoga and Meditation Do Not Quiet the Ego but Instead Boost Self-Enhancement.

An article first published online on June 2018, reports the effect of yoga and meditation on the Self. You can read it on Sage Journal website at this LINK.
According to the study, self-enhancement bias is higher in the yoga  and meditation conditions, and the effect is mediated by greater self-centrality. Additionally, greater self-enhancement bias mediated mind-body practices’ well-being benefits. Evidently, neither yoga nor meditation fully quiet the ego; to the contrary, they boost self-enhancement.
The “ego-quieting” effect people talk in yoga, contradicts the self-centrality principle. According to this principle, practicing any skill renders that skill centered within yourself; and self-centrality breeds self-enhancement bias.


There are so many studies supporting the benefits of yoga and meditation. Boosting your self-esteem is another added benefit. Another gain in the First Responders-fast-decision-to-take environment.
FRY The Method, one of the visions I co-created, has its roots in those ancient practices.
This is also part of what I offer with my yoga teachings.
Working with FASCIA is FASCIAnating.

Working with FASCIA is FASCIAnating.

Working with FASCIA is FASCIAnating.

I found working with Fascia, FASCIAnating for the impact on my body and my mind.

It is a thin connective tissue casing that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber, and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, guess what? it tightens up.

Fascia runs from the surface of the skin to the deep cells of the connective tissue. It is omnipresent in our bodies. As Carla Stecco, Professor of Anatomy in Padova, says “To overlook the fascia, would be like to overlook the nerves. It is an organ”

That’s the reason why when I confounded FRY and I co-created FRY The Method for First Responders Mind-Body wellness and resilience I decided to incorporate fascia training.

Healthy fascia is smooth, slippery, and flexible. Factors that cause adhesion in your fascia for it to become gummy are limited daily physical activity, trauma coming from surgery and injury, and overwork one part of the body either for a mistake or for natural imbalance in the body.

Working with FASCIA is FASCIAnating. How can I do it?

Keeping your fascia healthy has many benefits. You’ll move more easily, have a better range of motion, and experience less pain.

Different techniques are used to stretch the fascia and lots of marketing has been developed around it. Have a look at the web and you will discover how creative we can be: melting stretch, myofascial release, and so on. All the new age stuff recalls what has been available for us for a long time: stretching.

While the actively loaded stretch is more indicated for muscle, the melting stretch/long-lasting hold without muscle activation it is more appropriate for the deep tissue.

As everything is connected in our body, both techniques should be practiced to achieve holistic fascial health. Treat your body as a whole because the integrity and resilience of the body-net have everything to do with the integrity and resiliency of every strand. You are only as strong and pliable as your weakest link.


Urban Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Urban Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Urban Yoga and Meditation Retreat

The one-day Urban Retreat is a heart-led retreat designed for you to develop Resilience and to create a sense of expansion in your Body and your Mind.
Join me on a day of self-discovery through mindful movement yoga practices, breathwork (pranayama) and a gentleness of guided meditation and silence.
I will provide a brave and safe space to strengthen your relationship with these tools. You will continue to cultivate your awareness and presence while learning to engage with your inner world in a deeper, more meaningful way and connect with your own intuition and wisdom.
I will combine periods of personal reflection with powerful meditations, both sitting and moving that support this introspective process.
Nature walk outside by the Willow trees will enhance your ability to experience the beauty and peace around you and within.

Urban Yoga and Meditation Retreat – What is included

*Breathwork (pranayama) practice
*Two Asana practices, including Yin Yang
*Guided Silent Sitting Meditation + Reflective community conversation
*Walking Meditation in Nature
A beautiful Plant-based Vegan meal by PlantAsia, a local woman-owned business
Vegan Doughnuts
Assortment of Pluck Teas or Propeller Coffee
**Additional cafe items for purchase**

Urban Yoga and Meditation Retreat – Your investment

$170 – Willow Members 10% off and 10% off for all my students at Movati (MUST contact Willow for Discount Code)

Register via, calling 613-362-6218 or here  and use your PROMO Code: SASYJune

Bring your personal yoga and meditation props.
If you have a journal, please bring it. Tea is provided throughout the day.
Some meditation and yoga experience can be helpful. Options will be given throughout the day.
**Come as You Are**
**REGISTER early to guarantee your space**
Handshaking our Beautiful Monsters

Handshaking our Beautiful Monsters

Handshaking our Beautiful Monsters

I read an article by Tsoknyi Rinpoche on How to Make Friends with our Beautiful Monsters.

I had a feeling to share that experience. I found it aligned with what I offer through my yoga teaching and FRY. 

I emphasize the relationship we need to have with the movement and the feelings that come from it.

Handshaking our Beautiful Monsters. Who are they?

Anger, fear, envy. You name it. Those are all feelings we experience in our life. Instead of fighting them make friends with them.

You want to better your life. So, you might decide to read some self-help books written by well-known authors. Some of you had the fortune to talk to some mentors. And it seems you get it up in your head. It seems you have a clearer vision of your life experiences. Yet, you are still stuck in the same emotional and energetic habit patterns.

That happens because there is no communication between mind, body, and feelings. Your understanding is not digested at the level of body and feeling. It is at the level of the intellectual mind. It is not deeply integrated.

We often feel ashamed of our emotional patterns. Those emotions make our lives and relationships difficult.

We resist and react to what we feel.

We hate what we feel.

We just want all our feelings to go away.

Practicing handshaking with our Beautiful Monsters

As suggested by Tsonknyi Rinpoche, we need to learn to look at them as “Beautiful Monsters”. If we think of them as just “Monsters”, we solidify our aversion toward them. If we think of them as just “Beautiful”, we are denying the destructive potential they have and the suffering they can cause.

It’s important to understand that they are both friends and enemies. It is like looking at your hand: it has two sides; it exists with two sides. You cannot consider the functionality of your hands by only considering one side. The bottom side of the hand exists because its top side exists.

Rinpoche describes our “Beautiful Monsters” like ice. Their nature is water. We don’t have to destroy the ice but melt it  and free it and let it flow. Our “Beautiful Monsters” are like that. They are frozen patterns of reacting and resisting. To melt the ice and so our “friendly enemies”, we need to use the warmth of our kindness toward them, without any judgmental mind.

We have to learn to have a “handshake attitude” between our awareness and our feelings. Not running away from our feeling. Not fighting them. Just meeting them in full awareness.

Remind yourself to “allow the chin to dip down a little bit” when you feel defeated.

The old Taoist text “Tao Te Ching” talks about being the Valley of the Universe. It says: Know honour, yet keep humility! Be the valley of the universe! You don’t always have to strive to be the mountain, the highest point, the biggest thing around. Feel the power of what Gandhi described as “coming back to zero”: that selfless space where what becomes zero is the ego or the identity. And you begin to access that place beyond time, place and space. Going beyond every label that we’ve ever been given. Our name, our gender, our ethnicity, our nationality, job occupation.

All these labels are not the things that really define Who You Are.

Who you truly are is boundless, infinite, eternal, and incredibly sacred. And ego stands for Edging Goodness Out!


Benefits of yoga and meditation. Walking your Talking.

Benefits of yoga and meditation. Walking your Talking.

I have been reading the study published by the National Library of Medicine at this link, on the benefits of Yoga, Meditation, and Mind-Body Health in increasing BDNF, Cortisol Awakening Response, and Altering Inflammatory Marker Expression.

What I found interesting is that science is backing up what sages of the past have told us in many different ways. The benefits of meditation and mindfulness have been the base of Buddha’s teachings. Those teachings are basked on the importance of love and compassion. Many texts of the past have described the benefits of yoga postures and pranayama, what we mistakenly call breathwork. While I feel there is a bit more awareness regarding these topics, still today I feel there is Extraverted Sensing towards science. The ES is leading to being focused on the outside, the information. We all talk about the benefits of the yoga practice. Yea, we all know everything and even more about everything. Yea, we follow so-called influencers on socials. But what is it that is missing here? A real hands-on practice. That is when everything becomes more difficult. We know but we do not do. We talk but we do not walk our talk. I learned, in my humble 19-year of experience, that there is no better science than the awareness regarding what makes you feel good and healthy. And I am not talking about doing what you like and avoiding what you dislike. I am talking about the awareness of what you need to do to be better physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. Challenge yourself. Everyday. And then you can back up your discovery with your own experience. That is the best science ever.