Benefits of yoga and meditation. Walking your Talking.

Benefits of yoga and meditation. Walking your Talking.

I have been reading the study published by the National Library of Medicine at this link, on the benefits of Yoga, Meditation, and Mind-Body Health in increasing BDNF, Cortisol Awakening Response, and Altering Inflammatory Marker Expression.

What I found interesting is that science is backing up what sages of the past have told us in many different ways. The benefits of meditation and mindfulness have been the base of Buddha’s teachings. Those teachings are basked on the importance of love and compassion. Many texts of the past have described the benefits of yoga postures and pranayama, what we mistakenly call breathwork. While I feel there is a bit more awareness regarding these topics, still today I feel there is Extraverted Sensing towards science. The ES is leading to being focused on the outside, the information. We all talk about the benefits of the yoga practice. Yea, we all know everything and even more about everything. Yea, we follow so-called influencers on socials. But what is it that is missing here? A real hands-on practice. That is when everything becomes more difficult. We know but we do not do. We talk but we do not walk our talk. I learned, in my humble 19-year of experience, that there is no better science than the awareness regarding what makes you feel good and healthy. And I am not talking about doing what you like and avoiding what you dislike. I am talking about the awareness of what you need to do to be better physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. Challenge yourself. Everyday. And then you can back up your discovery with your own experience. That is the best science ever.

One-Day Silent Urban Retreat

One-Day Silent Urban Retreat

The one-day Silent Urban Retreat is a heart-led retreat designed for YOU to melt into a supportive and healing space to develop Resilience, Create Space in your Body and your Mind, and gently Restore to tune in deeply with your heart.
You will feel cared for from the first moment. You will leave with a new feeling regarding your body-mind system, what you can do and how to adjust your personal practice to reach the better version of yourself.
Through Yoga, both Hatha and Yin, seated & walking meditation, mindfulness practices, and a Closing and Sharing at the end of the day, this silent retreat will help you connect with your heart and the essence of who you are.
No cellphone. No books. No music. Use the silence to dive in within yourself.
Bring your lunch and all your personal yoga and meditation tools.
Bring your lunch and all your personal yoga and meditation tools. If you have a journal, please bring it. Tea is provided throughout the day.
Additional cafe items for purchase.
Agenda for your day with Sasy:
8am: Arrival and Welcome Q&A on your day
8:30-10am: Hatha Yoga & Pranayama (using the breath)
10-10:30am: Personal Time & Tea Break
10:30/11am: Seated Meditation
11-11:30am: Personal Time in silence
11:30am – Noon: Lunch time
Noon-12:30pm: Walking Meditation
12:30-1:30pm: Yin Yoga
15 minutes break
1:45pm-2:15pm: Seated Meditation
15 minutes break
2:30-3:30pm: Hatha Yoga
3:30-4:00pm: Closing & Sharing
No meditation or yoga experience is necessary at all.
We invite you to connect with Sasy before the day to help prepare (
**Come as You Are**

About your Instructor:
Sasy is a 500 hours Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).
He has lived and taught yoga in many studios in Northern Italy, in Fuerteventura (Spain), India (Mysore), Nepal (Pockara) and spent all of 2018 in Los Angeles (USA).
He also has some experience in Karma Yoga including Anand Prakash Ashram in Risikesh (India) where he led Vipassana Meditation and Karuna Home for Disabled and Orphaned Children in Bylakuppe/Mysore (India) where he taught Yoga in a Yoga Studio inside the Tibetan Camp 1. On March 2020, he completed his three months of Karma Yoga at Sivananda Ashram Bahamas.
Sasy is a former Italian Police Detective and chief who has spent 20 years serving the Italian Government in the field of crime and narcotics. Knowing very well the stress and all the consequences that First Responder service can bring into the personal life of every single officer or member, Sasy was inspired to offer training for First Responders.
Drawing on his past in law enforcement and the knowledge he developed since 2005 in the fields of meditation, stress reduction, Yoga and trauma-informed movement, Sasy co-founded together with Julia Long, F.R.Y. First Responders’ Yoga Canada, a tool box mind body wellness that compiles breathwork, functional yoga movement, trauma informed Yoga, meditation and positive affirmation techniques, designed for First Responders by First Responders, tailored to their needs. And with the F.R.Y. The App, the tools are available anytime, anywhere, when needed, at a push of a button.
In 2005 Sasy started his spiritual quest and decided to dedicate his life to yoga since 2014. He is the author of “The Key to Happinesss” and “Yin Yoga”, two manuscripts in which he shares a glimpse of his personal spiritual journey, some easy-to-understand neuroscience about meditation and deep breathing, life-altering tools that transformed his daily living. In 2020, he co-authored his 3rd book together with Julia, “F.R.Y. First Responders Yoga. The Book”. All the manuscripts are available on Amazon, both paperback and digital formats.
Mantra and Vibration Workshop

Mantra and Vibration Workshop

Together, we will learn about the meaning of “Mantra”, the different kinds of mantras, and we will discover why the importance of Mantras does not reside in their meaning but in their sound.

Have you heard the term “Cymatics”? During this workshop, you’ll learn about the science of Cymatics and as we discover the power of sounds, we will chant different mantras belonging to different traditions.

Where: Willow Wellness, 5944 Perth Street, Richmond.

When: Saturday, June 24, from 12pm to 2pm

Yoga & Weight Training

Yoga & Weight Training

Yoga & Weight Training

Practicing Yoga & Weight Training is like having your PB & Jam Toast: you benefit from muscle building, but you also get muscle endurance, balance, and flexibility.

The impact of “eating your PB & Jam Toast” is understandable: if you only lift weights, you only benefit from strength building at the expense of flexibility.

Why adding yoga is beneficial

Adding functional yoga movements to your weight-lifting routine allows you to maintain dexterity, muscle endurance, and flexibility. Slow and constant pace, holding the posture for an extended time to tense muscles, apply contraction and compression between the tissue is what your body needs to be healthy.

On top of that, the emphasis on breathing we put during our class allows you to get rid of the practice of holding your breath. That occurs when your body and mind are under tension and pressure. This is a bad pattern and can easily become a habit that can be eliminated with breathing exercises which is one of the big components of the yoga practice.

By becoming aware of your breathing and oxygenating your body more you can benefit more from the muscle-building workout.

By adding functional Yoga movement to your wellness routine, you can improve your range of motion and encourage better posture and you’ll be far less likely to get injured by weight lifting. A better range of motion equals a safer weight lift.

Stress Management

Are you looking for Stress Management activities? Yoga and meditation are major stress relievers, which promote better emotional health. Strength training can help to control anger and aggression with explosive movements. That, combined with Yoga and meditation, can help you to end that feeling of being in control and become more relaxed.

There is no absolute: keep lifting but add functional Yoga movements and meditation for your mental and body wellness.

When I cofounded FRY is here to help you to manage your strength practice, stretch your muscles and tissue, add breathwork to your schedule, and learn how to meditate, how to relax, and how to use positive affirmation to better your life.

You are not alone!

FRY is your 24/7 Buddy Support System

Check out for more contents and details.

Our Beautiful Monsters

Our Beautiful Monsters

I was reading an article by Tsoknyi Rinpoche on How to Make Friends with our Beautiful Monsters. I had a feeling to share that experience. I found it aligned with what we offer at FRY when we talk about the relationship with need to have with the movement and the feelings that come from it.

Anger, fear, envy. You name it. Those are all feelings we experience in our life. Instead of fighting them make friends with them.

To better your life you might decide to read some self-help books written by well-known authors. Some of you had the fortune to talk to some mentors. And it seems you get it up in your head. It seems you have a clearer vision of your life experiences. Yet, you are still stuck in the same emotional and energetic habit patterns. That happens because there is no communication between mind, body, and feelings. Your understanding is not digested at the level of body and feeling. It is at the level of the intellectual mind. It is not deeply integrated.

We often feel ashamed of our emotional patterns that make our lives and relationships difficult. We resist and react to what we feel. We hate what we feel. We just want all our feelings to go away.

As suggested by Tsonknyi Rinpoche, we need to learn to look at them as “Beautiful Monsters”. If we think of them as just “Monsters”, we solidify our aversion toward them, which are really just parts of our own minds. If we think of them as just “Beautiful”, however, we are denying the destructive potential they have and the suffering they can cause.

It’s important to understand that they are both friends and enemies. It is like looking at your hand: it has two sides; it exists with two sides. You cannot consider the functionality of your hands by only considering one side. The bottom side of the hand exists because its top side exists.

Our “Beautiful Monsters” are like ice. Their nature is water. We don’t have to destroy the ice but melt it and free it and let it flow. Our “Beautiful Monsters” are like that. They are frozen patterns of reacting and resisting. To melt the ice and so our “friendly enemies”, we need to use the warmth of our kindness toward them, without any judgmental mind. Having a “handshake attitude” between our awareness and our feelings. Not running away from our feeling. Not fighting them. Just meeting them in full awareness.