Yin Yoga. L’Approccio Funzionale.

Yin Yoga. L’Approccio Funzionale.

(For Italian translation see below please)

My course “Yin Yoga. Approaching the Functional” available in Italy too.

The course is aimed at:
– teachers who want to advance in their preparation by acquiring 20 hours of Continuing Education recognised by Yoga Alliance;
– those who study functional training or want to deepen their knowledge and the holistic science;
– all yoga practitioners who want to develop a deeper practice.
For more information and details visit the page of the Yoga studio that will host me: www.maitriyoga.it

See you there.


(Traduzione italiana)

Anche in Italia il mio corso “Yin Yoga. L’Approccio Funzionale”.

Siete i benvenuti per questo studio sulla pratica Yin e il suo approccio funzionale elegibili per 20 ore di Continuing Education con Yoga Alliance.

Il corso è rivolto:
– a tutti gli insegnanti che vogliono avanzare nella loro preparazione acquisendo 20 ore di Continuing Education riconosciute da Yoga Alliance;
– a chi studia l’allenamento funzionale o vuole approfondire le proprie conoscenze e scienze olistiche;
– a tutti i praticanti di yoga che vogliono sviluppare una pratica più profonda.

Per maggiori informazioni e dettagli visita la pagina dello studio Yoga che mi ospiterà: www.maitriyoga.it

Vi aspetto.


The Loving-Kindness Heart.

The Loving-Kindness Heart.

The quality of loving-kindness is something that really made me think a lot.
How wonderful is it encouraging your heart to see what Thomas Merton called the secret beauty behind the eyes of every being? How wonderful is it to see the goodness around you and inside you?
I noticed that my body and my soul change when I put my self in this field that is the field of love and I am not talking about love relationship. What made that field of love great is that it is accessible and it is accessible during the easy time but also in the difficult time. It is up to you to see the stars looking outside the prison bars of you mind instead of mud.
As I wrote in my first book, happiness itself is the way to happiness, so embrace the goodness inside you and all around you.
Yoga Retreat.

Yoga Retreat.

We know that you need to take a break, that’s why I organized a retreat in a very special place: Ajuy, a small and cozy fishing village located on the west coast of Fuerteventura. The perfect location to have your moment and take care of your body, mind and spirit.

It will be three days of retreat near the sea, in the middle of nature of Fuerteventura, deepening in the practice of Yoga and knowing a new trend: the Garuda Method. The practice will be taught by Diana Pagano & me.

We will offer you healthy vegan food, juices and extracts of fruits and vegetables, as a basis for a physical and emotional detoxification that we need so much these days.

The chosen date is from Friday, September 4 at 4:00 p.m. to Sunday, September 6 at 7:00 p.m.

Accommodation included.

To know the complete program and make your reservation, visit the website www.tamstudio.es



Silent is the language of God, all else is pure translation.
That quote of Rumi resonates in me this morning. I thought my Yin yoga class at Bliss Beat Festival, talked with students about Yoga and presented my book Yin Yoga and the need of silent came to me. The silent is so necessary, without it cannot be any pure communication with yourself and so with the others. The necessity of understanding solitude is a necessary step to be integrated in this society and I am talking about the deep understanding of that feeling of belonging without being in a specific place and that sense of being without doing anything, that sense of talking without uttering any words.
No-one is giving you what you need unless you take it and God is not here to give you what you need but to challenge you so you can discover the Goddess inside yourself and take with your own hands the abundance you are looking for, that is your birthright. There is no peace without fight, there is not light without darkness, there is no silent without noise, there is not yin without yang and above all else, everything is just a projection of your mind: if you want to see darkness you see darkness even in the brightest day; but if you want to see light you can see it even in the darkest moment of your life.
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