Be the author of your life.

Be the author of your life.

Is somebody or something out there controlling the way you are perceiving the happenings and your way of thinking? If that is the case you are a victim to whoever or whatever it is controlling this sensitive moment, because you feel good when the controller is good and you feel bad when it is bad.
If you are reliant on someone or something that is outside yourself to be happy, you are leaving in a stress level that cannot allow you to manifest your inner creative energy as the only thing you perceive is the necessity to survive and strive. When you feel you are at risk, your mind asctivates the stress response hormones that are made up for fighting, flying or freezing you. That is not a creative mode, that is not a moment to reshape your mind by refiring and rewiring your neurons and create new patterns, positive patterns to rewrite the scripts of your life as the author of it and not as a typist controlled by someone else or something else.
Do you really want to leave in lack? Do you really want to live your life by waiting and dreaming for something special to happen without being the author of your destiny?
If so, you are running on a battlefield that can leads you towards a sense of lacking without producing any positive effects on your mind, so your personality, so your reality.
Start seeing synchronicity in between your mindset and the sign you are receiving from the Universe and your life will have nothing but your own signature.
Be the light unto yourself
The Loving-Kindness Heart.

The Loving-Kindness Heart.

The quality of loving-kindness is something that really made me think a lot.
How wonderful is it encouraging your heart to see what Thomas Merton called the secret beauty behind the eyes of every being? How wonderful is it to see the goodness around you and inside you?
I noticed that my body and my soul change when I put my self in this field that is the field of love and I am not talking about love relationship. What made that field of love great is that it is accessible and it is accessible during the easy time but also in the difficult time. It is up to you to see the stars looking outside the prison bars of you mind instead of mud.
As I wrote in my first book, happiness itself is the way to happiness, so embrace the goodness inside you and all around you.


Silent is the language of God, all else is pure translation.
That quote of Rumi resonates in me this morning. I thought my Yin yoga class at Bliss Beat Festival, talked with students about Yoga and presented my book Yin Yoga and the need of silent came to me. The silent is so necessary, without it cannot be any pure communication with yourself and so with the others. The necessity of understanding solitude is a necessary step to be integrated in this society and I am talking about the deep understanding of that feeling of belonging without being in a specific place and that sense of being without doing anything, that sense of talking without uttering any words.
No-one is giving you what you need unless you take it and God is not here to give you what you need but to challenge you so you can discover the Goddess inside yourself and take with your own hands the abundance you are looking for, that is your birthright. There is no peace without fight, there is not light without darkness, there is no silent without noise, there is not yin without yang and above all else, everything is just a projection of your mind: if you want to see darkness you see darkness even in the brightest day; but if you want to see light you can see it even in the darkest moment of your life.
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Allow yoursel to perceive those qualities that are naturally yours, they only need to be awakened: purity, compassion, love, joy.

Help yourself and ask your Kundalini, your Maha Shakti, to help you feel the poetry of life, the beauty of nature and the harmony of the universe.

Expand your inner space and ask yourself and your Kundalini to help you reach that inner space that has no boundaries, no beginning and no end.

Help yourself and ask your Kundalini to help you be above all, witnessing the universe, in complete connection with the cosmos’ soul.

Make the soul and heart of the universe be the object of your meditation, something immense that has no difference with your soul and your heart.

Allow yourself to gently forgive from the heart, allow yourself to make mistakes with your heart, allow yourself to accept with your heart and understand with your heart, so you can reach a state of inner bliss.

Sasy Cacace

I am black!

I am black!

Doctor Martin Luther King, in his unforgettable speech said “I have a dream my little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.

I feel pain, sadness, sorrow and as a former police Detective I have misbelief. All those are human condition’s emotions and I can deal with them, but I struggle more to understand violence that lead to kill, blindness leading to destroy life and whatever it is that breath, that have feelings, that can think, that can love, that can help.
Yes, I stand for life, I stand for justice, I stand for unity in diversity and now I stand for all the black community.
R.I.P. George Floyd, and with you all the sentient beings tortured for the human stupidity. May all your loved ones find peace and may you find a better place.
I am black.
We are made out of energy. Love is the key.

We are made out of energy. Love is the key.

Some of us are in a pure state of evolution. I feel the transformation going on. But the entire world must move towards a state of evolution. And the evolution I am talking about is not a physical evolution, we do not need to become physically different, we need to transform our perception.
I am talking about a consciousness evolution, the evolution of consciousness that doesn’t see people, nature and animals as separated individuals and entity. We need to stop running that program “they”put in our subconsciousness when we were kids that made us to believe we need to fight and survive, we need to protect us from the others, that there is a “me” and “you”, that we need to compete.
We need to abandon that old Newtonian belief we are atoms. We are more than that physical entities, we are made out of energy as the atoms are made out of energy, they are not made out of any physical entities.
We are a pure energy field and because of that, the edge of our energy doesn’t stop right at the top of our skin, because wherever we go, we broadcast our energy. So our own energy field, made by our thoughts, the way we act, the way we do, the way we move, the way we are, broadcast through everything else. Nothing is really separated, everything is a bordless energy field.
To be in harmony, our energy must resonate with the energy around ourself, everything is interconnected. So when you feel bad, low energy, or when you feel good, high energy, you should ask to yourself: am I with people that are supporting me? Am I with people that resonate with me? Because you feel good around them, because your energy resonates with theirs. It is called constructive interference in physic and the result is an energy wave that is bigger than either of the two original.
We need to unlearn what “they put in our subconscious mind when we were child” and start coming back to the origin: abandoning the rational mind and feeling, feeling ourself and people around us.
And as the poet Kabir would say, that happen in the cave of our heart, that happen when we are connected to our heart. It is not easy, but that must be the great transformation, flipping the 5% of subconsciousness mind activity over the 95% of conscious mind activity.
That happen when we stop thinking, that happen when we love.