I am black!

I am black!

Doctor Martin Luther King, in his unforgettable speech said “I have a dream my little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.

I feel pain, sadness, sorrow and as a former police Detective I have misbelief. All those are human condition’s emotions and I can deal with them, but I struggle more to understand violence that lead to kill, blindness leading to destroy life and whatever it is that breath, that have feelings, that can think, that can love, that can help.
Yes, I stand for life, I stand for justice, I stand for unity in diversity and now I stand for all the black community.
R.I.P. George Floyd, and with you all the sentient beings tortured for the human stupidity. May all your loved ones find peace and may you find a better place.
I am black.
We are made out of energy. Love is the key.

We are made out of energy. Love is the key.

Some of us are in a pure state of evolution. I feel the transformation going on. But the entire world must move towards a state of evolution. And the evolution I am talking about is not a physical evolution, we do not need to become physically different, we need to transform our perception.
I am talking about a consciousness evolution, the evolution of consciousness that doesn’t see people, nature and animals as separated individuals and entity. We need to stop running that program “they”put in our subconsciousness when we were kids that made us to believe we need to fight and survive, we need to protect us from the others, that there is a “me” and “you”, that we need to compete.
We need to abandon that old Newtonian belief we are atoms. We are more than that physical entities, we are made out of energy as the atoms are made out of energy, they are not made out of any physical entities.
We are a pure energy field and because of that, the edge of our energy doesn’t stop right at the top of our skin, because wherever we go, we broadcast our energy. So our own energy field, made by our thoughts, the way we act, the way we do, the way we move, the way we are, broadcast through everything else. Nothing is really separated, everything is a bordless energy field.
To be in harmony, our energy must resonate with the energy around ourself, everything is interconnected. So when you feel bad, low energy, or when you feel good, high energy, you should ask to yourself: am I with people that are supporting me? Am I with people that resonate with me? Because you feel good around them, because your energy resonates with theirs. It is called constructive interference in physic and the result is an energy wave that is bigger than either of the two original.
We need to unlearn what “they put in our subconscious mind when we were child” and start coming back to the origin: abandoning the rational mind and feeling, feeling ourself and people around us.
And as the poet Kabir would say, that happen in the cave of our heart, that happen when we are connected to our heart. It is not easy, but that must be the great transformation, flipping the 5% of subconsciousness mind activity over the 95% of conscious mind activity.
That happen when we stop thinking, that happen when we love.
Yin Yoga by Sasy Cacace.

Yin Yoga by Sasy Cacace.

One of the best examples of how Yin-Yang work within the human body is the sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic nervous systems. These are two branches of your nervous systems that control automatic operations of bodily components, such as breathing, blinking, and more.

the parasympathetic goes along with Yin to slow everything down, whereas the Yang of the sympathetic system speeds everything up. With the two working in harmony, your body can maintain an ideal balance.

The sympathetic nervous system is in control of the body’s natural fight-flight-freeze response This response is activated whenever a person is stressed, anxious, or in fear.

The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) both release hormones to control this fight-flight-freeze response. For instance, the SNS releases the hormones norepinephrine, epinephrine, and catecholamines to increase the body’s heart rate. On the other hand, the PNS, which is essentially a rest and digest system, releases the hormone acetylcholine, which is used to reduce the heart’s rate.

When the SNS activates the fight-flight-freeze response it provides the human body with all we need to actively respond to any threat that might face us, whether that means we fight, run away, or freeze in place. Then, once we have achieved the safety made possible by the SNS, the PNS allows us to once again gain peace by producing calming hormones that allow the body to rest, renew, and repair itself.

In my first book, The Key to Happiness, I discuss in-depth how the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are both impacted by meditation. You can learn all about the scientifically-proven benefits of meditation there.

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Learning vs Transforming.

Learning vs Transforming.

I have been learning all my life…but am I l really transforming my self?

Learning some good skills, learning new topics is a way to activate dormant part of your brain, wiring brain cells and create new neuron-pathways, no matter what is the new topic you are learning. But transformation is a game changer, it is the cutting-edge technology in your life.

Transformation is when you know how life works, how your mind and body work and what they need, transformation is when you know how relationships work and how you can create healthy ones around you that can help your growth and so others’ growth.

Transformation is the goal in your life because with transformation you check in within you and you tap on those seeds inside you that are waiting to blossom, you tap into your spirituality to become a better man, a better woman, a better parent, a better citizen, a better human being. Transformation is not learning, really we need to unlearn, we need to let go all that was putting into our mind as right, as “should”, so deeply planted into our subconsciousness when we were kids that we became blind about the limitless possibilities we have, about the limitless potentiality of our try nature.

I cannot think about Buddha getting a degree before teaching the 4 Noble Truths and the path of mindfulness, I cannot think about Jesus getting a degree in love and compassion…they were born in a human body to transform themselves in special beings, to serve better, to better the souls and the minds and the hearts of countless number of people, and that is still happening nowadays.

Transformation is needed to let go that fear planted inside us without asking us any permission, transformation is needed to let go and become unstuck and free from old patterns, to unleash our full potential.   

Let’s embrace the path of transformation, all together… for a better living.

Solomon’s paradox.

Solomon’s paradox.

Have you ever been trapped in giving advice? Have you ever perceived yourself in the Salomon’s role?
It happened to me, because of my past as Police Detective and after my career on the law enforcement as Yoga teacher. Yes, I am not shamed by saying that I found myself to be capable of giving well-reasoned advice to people who were asking to me mentorship and to my students while I was struggling to think rationally about my own problems. Yes, I was smart about other people’s problems but not about my own. It takes courage to say that, but I need to be honest to myself first to be honest to others.
Advice-giving was becoming my own response. Why? Because in giving advice I was creating a short-term win from a personal long term-lost I had. I discovered myself trapped in the Solomon’s paradox.
I had to find a solution to steer myself clear of what Michael Bungay Stanier call “advice trap.”
So, I decided to pause, following what Pema Chodron called the “pause practice”: staying in that space netween stimulus and response where our power to choose our best response dwell.
I decided practicing mindfulness to gain perspective and taking the time to listen other then rush to give advice, moving my focus from the solution that could close my mind to other possibilities. Being less reactive to what was going on around me, creating that tiny pause between stimulus and response that gave to me the time to open myself up to new ideas and innovative solutions that wouldn’t normally leap to my mind. A way to better my growth, a way to better the giving. This is a secret of our life and the more you grow the more you can give.
Not considering that my advices were based on my perspective that provided my own view on the solution I was asked to find, which probably didn’t make for great advice: brains are wired to find patterns based on the default simplest, most familiar answer. It takes time and effort to overcome that pattern. I am working on it, discovering a little more thanks to a daily basis mindfulness practice
My thought is that being the person who has the answer is gratifying, you feel yourself important, a high-status mentor who “knows” in the conversation. It strokes your ego on a deep level.
So when you are asked to find solution, when people come to you because they are seeking guidance and leadership, move from that ego perspective and instead of trying to find a solution, instead of falling down into that advice trap, start asking questions that can open to new possibilities and perspective for both sides, who is asking and who is asked. That process can facilitate your personal growth, for your benefit and, as a consequence, the benefits of the others. Growing and giving, that is the secret of our life.
The cave of the heart.

The cave of the heart.

Samsara! Everyone knows this word and we all know that suffer is part of it. But I find there is much more pain and suffering to move from a place where you are stagnant to a place where you can flow.

That process requires tremendous courage, tremendous effort, and also dountless actions to change our perception, the way we see life-happenings, the way we perceive relationships. Pema Chodron describes that process as difficult as changing your DNA, because you are trying to change a human pattern, a pattern based on dissatisfaction but supported by everything around yourself: school education, family expectations, all those imprinting we received when we were little without we asking for that, creating wounds in our souls, vibrating on such a different frequencies from the ones of our heart. That is painful, that is sad, that is not our birthright to be, that is not our birthright to choose.

Step back from all paradoxes and duality we live in our life, there is no loneliness, boredom, anxiety, fear. There is a place where the river of bliss never stops flowing, where divine music is always playing there without any instruments, it is a place where time does not exist nor hate nor greed nor doubts nor sorrow, the heart’s thirst becomes quenched and the mystery of life clears. For the poet Kabir such a place exist is the cave of the heart. Close your eyes and feel yourself free.